“Exodus” Re-enactment

From Ynet on November 2, 2007:

A cruise liner carrying some 300 Jewish passengers docked in the Israeli port of Haifa on Thursday in a symbolic re-enactment of an attempt by European Jews to settle in British mandate Palestine 60 years ago.

The anniversary of the landing and turning away of the Exodus was in July.  A year later, 355 passengers of the original 4,500 returned to Israel accompanied by American troops.  The story was reported by the San Francisco Chronicle on Aug. 16, 1948:

Exodus‘ Refugees Head for Israel

MARSEILLE, France, Aug. 15 (AP)-A year after their first ill-fated attempt to reach Palestine, 355 Jewish men, women and children arrived on the French Riviera today to make the voyage to Israel.

The Jews are among those who sailed clandestinely on the ship Exodus 1947. They were turned back by British warships and returned to Germany.

This time they arrived on special trains, accompanied by American troops. The exact time of their sailing was not known.

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