The British on Palestine in 1948

When the British withdrew from Palestine on May 15, 1948, thus ending the British Mandate, they wrote their version of its history.  They described Palestine at the beginning of the Mandate in this way:

“When British rule began, Palestine was a primitive and undeveloped country. Agriculture was inefficient, industry almost non-existent and communications inadequate. Its population of some 750,000 were disease-ridden and poor. Lawlessness was rife inside Palestine and made worse by raiding nomads from the desert.”

The Jewish immigration changed this:

“The progress made toward the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people has been remarkable. 400,000 Jewish immigrants have entered Palestine since 1920 and the total Jewish population has risen from 84,000 in 1922 to 640,000 today…The achievement of so much in so short a space of time is primarily due to the efforts, intelligence and devotion of the Jews themselves, and to the protection and assistance afforded them by the Government of Palestine.”

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