Egypt’s Troubled History With Gaza

Read about “Egypt’s Troubled History With Gaza” on the History News Network.  The article was written in response to current events – the breach of the wall between Gaza and Egypt by Palestinians looking to buy products they have no access to since Israel closed off the city.

An excerpt:

Once it became clear on the eve of World War II that the Jewish lands would soon declare statehood, Arabs within the mandate began to stage attacks on the British administration- and often these were conducted from safety of Egypt beyond the border…

The Egyptians, despite Nasser’s polemics about Arab Nationalism, never warmed to the Gaza Palestinians, although the territory was theirs, finally, to administer after 1948. The territory was never annexed into Egypt proper and the population was never given Egyptian passports. Nasser understood the public relations value of a martyred people and he misused it to advance his calls for unity in the Arab world.

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