Why Isn’t Zionism a Priority for American Jewish Activists?

According to Prof. Gil Troy, the reason is that “individualism is in, collectivism is out.”  Activists focus instead on issues such as gay rights, abortion and feminism.  How to solve the problem?  According to Troy:

We Jews are lucky to be blessed with a rich, four-thousand-year-old storehouse of beliefs, insights, values, and heroes. By finding the “I in Zionism” we find a way into that conversation – and have standing – no matter how religious or non-religious we may be, no matter how learned or inexperienced we might be. All of us have a stake and a bond in each other, in our past, in our homeland. Sometimes, we have been forced to pay the price for those affiliations – why not reap the benefits too?

Read the full article at Israel at Sixty.

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