Israeli Air Force

The first Israeli attack from the air occurred on this date – Mar. 27, 1948.  The New York Herald Tribune reported:

JERUSALEM, March 27.-Jewish planes went into action today for the first time in the Palestine fighting when Arabs attacked a Jewish convoy of thirty-four trucks near Bethlehem. Four planes were engaged. Sixty survivors of the convoy force of ninety were reported tonight to be surrounded by Arab riflemen in a stone house near by.

The Jews were under heavy attack. The British Army abandoned rescue efforts until daylight, and the government feared there was little chance for their survival.

The fight followed Arab interception this afternoon of the convoy, which was en route back to Jerusalem after delivering supplies to the isolated Kfar Etzion colonies in the hills of Hebron.

Haganah said some of the trucks found safety in Kfar Etzion while Jews in the other left their vehicles and fought two miles along the road to reach the house on foot. Until darkness fell, the Haganah planes supported them, dropping the first aerial bombs used by Jews or Arabs in Palestine.

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