Parallels between the Partition of India and the Partition of Palestine

On Jan. 31, 1948, the St. Paul Pioneer Press printed two editorials across from each other.  On the left, an editorial called “India’s New Crisis,” began – “The assassination of Gandhi greatly increases the danger of large-scale violence in India and of actual war between the Hindu dominion of India and Moslem Pakistan.”

Across from this editorial, Max Harrelson writes in an editorial entitled “Jerusalem Headache” – “One of the major headaches of the United Nations in implementing the plan to partition Palestine will be the government of Jerusalem, long a chief trouble spot in the Holy Land.”

The history of the partition of India has numerous parallels to the partition of Palestine:

1. Both countries were under British rule.
2. In both cases the partition boundaries were drawn rather randomly.
3. Partition caused war.  In the case of Palestine, the Israeli War of Independence, and in the case of India, religious rioting which killed millions and forced many out of their homes.
4. The boundaries of both Israel and India are still under dispute.  Israel continues to be in conflict with the Arabs over the entire Land of Israel, while India and Pakistan hotly contest ownership of Kashmir.

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