Can Arabs and Jews Live Together?

When the King-Crane Commission was sent to Palestine in 1919, they met with multiple groups of Arabs, Jews and Christians in an attempt to assess the general feelings of the people in the region. In Jerusalem, they were met by a delegation of the Muslim-Christian Association and addressed by Aref Pasha Dajani.  Dajani had been the mayor of Jerusalem during World War I and was the president of the Muslim-Christian Association.  Later he would become president of the Arab Executive Committee.

In Dajani’s speech to the King-Crane Commission, he stated:

It is impossible for us to make an understanding with them [Jews] or even to live them together… Their history and all their past proves that it is impossible to live with them. In all the countries where they are at present they are not wanted and undesirables, because they always arrive to suck the blood of everybody, and to become economically and financially victorious. If the League of Nations will not listen to the appeal of the Arabs this country will become a river of blood.

The King-Crane Commission apparently took seriously Dajani’s threat of bloodshed.  It recommended that instead of the establishment of a Jewish state, “only a greatly reduced Zionist program be attempted.”  The Commission’s recommendations on Syria and Palestine were largely ignored by everyone.

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One Comment on “Can Arabs and Jews Live Together?”

  1. Jon A Says:

    No, Arabs and Jews cannot live together peacefully in one nation. Of course, this has nothing to do with Jews’ purported “bloodsucking” or any other of the standard “reasons” trotted out by anti-Semites. Nor is it because the two groups are “caught up in a cycle of violence” and refuse to treat one another with fairness and good will.

    The two cultures are simply incompatible with one another. Jews are essentially Western in their thinking. They value human rights and intellectual and other freedoms. They do not persecute other religions; in fact, unlike almost all other faiths of the world, Judaism discourages proselytizing and conversions. They enjoy differences of opinion and lively debate. A Western-style democracy therefore fits very well with Jewish beliefs and culture.

    Ideas such as tolerance, plurality, and respectful debate are alien to Muslim/Arab culture. Treatment of women is vastly different in the two cultures. And so on. The value systems are completely different.

    Americans are accustomed to the “live and let live” approach, but it can’t work in a society containing large number of Muslims because their religion commands them not only to practice Islam in private, but to establish a society governed by Shari’a law. And while Jews gladly tolerate the different beliefs of others, they aren’t willing to chop off thieves hands, or to allow men to murder their wives and daughters for any infraction against family “honor.”

    In other words, Arabs aren’t willing to live like Westerners/Jews. And while Jews have historically submitted to secular authorities in countries in which they are a minority, the entire purpose of the State of Israel would be defeated if it were willing to adopt the primitive and brutal laws of Islam. It’s got to be one or the other. But it can’t be both. (BTW, American troops are learning this the hard way as they continue on the fool’s errand of “democratizing” Iraq.)

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