Hebrew Journalism in the 19th Century

A Hebrew book by Oren Soffer is reviewed in Haaretz.  The book is called There Is No Place for Pilpul! Hazefirah Journal and the Modernization of Sociopolitical Discourse, and focuses on Hebrew journalism in the nineteenth century, particularly a journal called Hazefirah.  The journal was published in Warsaw and eventually became a daily.  Nahum Sokolow was first its chief assistant and then its editor.  In 1897, Sokolow went to the First Zionist Congress in Basle where he met with Theodor Herzl.  Thereafter, he supported Zionism and turned Hazefirah into the official bulletin of the Zionist movement.

Hebrew University has collected Early Hebrew newspapers in a digital collection which can be read online.  The site is entirely in Hebrew, except for a page in English which explains the parameters of the project.

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