Interesting Blogs about Israel

If you’re interested in blogs about contemporary Israel, check these out: is publishing the pictures of 60 Israelis for 60 years.  Each picture comes with a short bio.  Included so far are: Derrick Sharpe – a Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball player,  Mirit Greenberg – former Miss Israel,  Cabra Kasai, an Ethiopian musician, and more.

2. I got to the 60Israelis blog from a link on  The “About” line on IsraGood proclaims that the blog’s purpose is  “celebrating Israeli innovation in the new millennium.”  The blog is run by Darnell Clayton, a non-Jewish American, and features news, technology updates, and a long list of relevant links.

3. And if it’s humor you want, you must read What War Zone??? Benji Lovitt describes his blog like this: On this page, we’ll be tackling only the most important issues in the Middle East, for example, why Israelis say “ehhhhhh” so much. Oh, yes, and to discuss why Israel is hilarious. “So, ehhhh, buckle your belt seats, nu?!”


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One Comment on “Interesting Blogs about Israel”

  1. Benji Lovitt Says:

    Thanks for the shout out! (Ech omrim “shout out?”)

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