Are Anti-Israel Academics Being Silenced?

Richard L. Cravatts says no.  He writes that the academics who complain of censorship are objecting to criticism.  Free speech includes not just the right of someone to express his opinions, but also the right of others to refute it.

The truth of the matter is that “not every idea is worth the university’s attention,” as Bruce S. Thornton, professor and chair of the Humanities Department of California State University, Fresno, recently observed. “Today, no one wants to give time to someone arguing for a geocentric cosmos, a flat earth, or space-alien construction of the pyramids. Nor should we grant a hearing to those endorsing more contemporary, but equally dubious, ideas that obviously violate the canons of rational thought and knowledge. Holocaust denial, for example, is not an acceptable idea on a university campus, since believing that the Holocaust didn’t take place violates the accepted standards used to establish historical truth. . . Such ideas are today’s equivalents of the flat-earth point of view. The town square can tolerate their presence; the university should not.”

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