Three Principles of Zionism

Gil Troy lists the three principles of Zionism:

  1. Faith, family and culture – spiritual, emotional and cultural identity as well as history, the land and tradition.
  2. Roots – a deep, enduring, historical identity.
  3. A homeland as an anchor – a repository of our past, our values, our story – and our future.

And he learned all this from Barack Obama!

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2 Comments on “Three Principles of Zionism”

  1. **** ***** Says:

    “Political Zionism” (which is what people usually mean by “Zionism”) is not aimed at preserving any sort of Jewish identity but was formulated by Theodore Herzl after 1895 to facilitate Jewish assimilation and loss of separate identity even in the face of modern racial Antisemitism. Herzl, an idealistic assimilationist, wanted to save Jews from continuing to suffer persecution for the sake of a meaningless, however romantic, ancient religious identity. Having witnessed the failure of standard assimilation to save Alfred Dreyfuss from antisemitic persecution even in liberal France, Herzl deduced that successful assimilation was only possible in isolation from the disruptions of unrestrained racial antisemitism. Herzl suggested transferring Jews to a remote “state for the Jews” dedicated to instilling non-Jewish (European) culture and transforming “Jews” into something indistinguishable from other people. The nihilism so evident in modern Israeli culture is a natural result.

  2. Hadassah Says:

    You may find this article interesting:

    “Herzl’s Road to Zionism, Shlomo Avineri”

    The second part of the article discusses the origins of Herzl’s political Zionism.

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