Theology and Anti-Semitism

Avi Beker, Goldman Visiting Professor at Georgetown University at the Department of Government and the former Secretary General of the World Jewish Congress, has written an article for the New Republic entitled “The Abraham Complex.”  He claims that the root of medieval and contemporary anti-Semitism is the conflict between Christianity or Islam as the true religion and Judaism as the religion that started it all.  The need to invalidate the Jews as the “chosen people” has led to great anti-Semitism.  Christians have made much progress in changing this theology, but Islam still has a long way to go.  According to Beker, true interfaith dialogue will only be possible when Christianity and Islam both recognize their Jewish roots.

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2 Comments on “Theology and Anti-Semitism”

  1. Phil Sumpter Says:


    And not only interfaith dialogue, but, as far as Christianity is concerned, a better grasp of the content of our own faith. There is a lot of exciting work at the moment on the “Jewishness” of Jesus which is leading to something of a spritiual renewal.

  2. Hadassah Says:

    Although the probability of Muslims recognizing the Jewish roots of their religion seems remote…

    (I guess not that long ago we would have said the same thing about Christianity.)

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