Why is Zionism so Misunderstood?

An article entitled “Why is Zionism so Misunderstood?” appears in the Arkansas Indy Media. This is a fascinating question. Unfortunately, the article does not even attempt to answer the question, focusing instead on the history and ideology of Zionism.

The premise of the question is that Zionism is misunderstood around the world. This definitely seems to be true, as demonstrated by accusations that Israel is an apartheid state built on the ruins of a Palestinian national homeland. So why is it misunderstood? Here are some possibilities:

1. Zionism is a form of nationalism, and nationalism has become unpopular in international politics.

2. Since many Jews and Israelis have lost sight of Zionist goals, the rest of the world is confused.

3. Anti-Zionism is a deliberate distortion of Zionist values, based on anti-Semitism.

Possibly all three of these reasons play a part in the disapproval of Zionism rampant in public opinion. Or is something totally different at work here?

UPDATE: Richard L. Cravatts writes “How to Get the World To Hate Israel” on the History News Network.

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One Comment on “Why is Zionism so Misunderstood?”

  1. In my opinion any ISM holds within it forms of “dogma” that tend to divide mankind into an US and a THEM mentality.

    Although I am a mix of races I also include strong among them “Hebrew” yet I am not a “zionist”.. nor am i really ANTI-Zionist.. I suppose “Not Pro-Zionist” might be a more correct vantage point.

    In the case of Zionism I can respect any people who wish to form a group and nationalize… but never should this include elitist racism nor should it mean that I use a religious context to claim favor with God and subjugate another peoples by claiming divine right to a land.

    The 6-day war with Palestine was as repugnant to me as the Europeans who came to the Americas and slowly usurped the land from the original Natives (miscalled Indians by imperialist Euro’s who claimed this country as their own “zion”).

    I am not the only person containing Hebrew blood who believes ZionISM is being incorrectly perceived… take a look at this YouTube Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuSlsiW9hT8 .

    I am against no people.. no not one.. but I am against people who feel that divine right gives them the ability to unempower others.

    So my answer to WHY IS ZIONISM SO MISUNDERSTOOD? is because even most ZionISTS have no clue what it means exactly to be Zionist themselves and in my faith there is a much bigger an more inclusive Zion available to ALL PEOPLE!


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