Asaf Romirowsky has written a fascinating article about Tunisia’s ability to serve as a bridge between America and the Moslem world.  Although anti-Zionism is strong in Tunisia, the Tunisian government and people are proud of their Jews and practice cultural and religious tolerance.  If moderate Islam is the answer to radical Islam, Romirowsky claims it can be found in Tunisia.

He quotes his friend Jerry Sorkin: “I got into a taxi, the driver instinctively put on the meter, drove within the lanes and upon my paying the fare, gave me my change and thanked me. I knew I was experiencing something I had never experienced in my many prior visits to many other countries in the Middle East and North Africa! This was the first of what has been a perpetual stream of dichotomies I have witnessed and experienced in Tunisia that has allowed me to say that Tunisia breaks the image that most people in the West have of the Arab and Muslim world. We in the West, particularly our present administration, should look to Tunisia as a country that, while far from perfect, can be a wonderful bridge between Americans and the Arab and Muslim world and whose many achievements within the socio-economic realm can be the barometer to which other countries in the region can aspire.”

The article appears in Middle East Times.

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