Controversy on Mount Zion

Construction on the ancient monastery where the Last Supper was supposed to have been eaten is causing controversy in Jerusalem.

The Institute for the Study of the Family and Family Laws in Israel owns the building and is conducting what it calls routine renovations. Tancredi, a Catholic organization, is petitioning the Court to stop work, claiming that damage is being done to a Christian holy site.

In the twelfth century, the Crusaders built a church called St. Mary of Mt. Zion. The Franciscans bought the church in 1335, transforming it into its present form, incorporating the “Upper Room” (or “Cenacle.”)

According to the New Testament, the Last Supper (on the night before the crucifixion) took place in the Upper Room. This is the place where Jesus is said to have washed the feet of his disciples.

In the same building on Mt. Zion there is a small synagogue commemorating the tradition that this place houses the tomb of King David. As this tomb is not located in the City of David, this is clearly not an authentic tradition.

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More information about this controversy is available at The Jerusalem Post website.

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