9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Many in the Arab world believe that the September 11 terrorist attacks were not perpetrated by Arabs, but rather by a Jewish and American allliance looking for an excuse to invade Iraq!

Excerpts from the article Seven Years after 9/11: Arabs Still Blame the Jews at IsraelNationalNews:

Pakistani native Mohammed Jamil, writing in the Pakistan Observer:

“Even the date Al Qaeda terrorists chose for their attack showed their true motivation, as September 11 is the anniversary of the League of Nations’ proclaiming in Palestine the British Mandate in 1922. The date represents the first physical step toward the implementation of the Balfour Declaration and establishment of Israel. This fact was never revealed because the world media is under the control of Jews… It was a calculated lie to divert the Americans from associating the disaster with the United States support for Israel.”

Dr. Ahmad Mustafa wrote in GulfNews.com that Arabs are the real victims of 9/11. He said the attacks have intensified a negative image of Muslims, which has reinforced violence.

Dr. Azzam Tamimi, director of the London-based Institute of Islamic Political Thought stated, “9/11 has become the biggest blackmail in modern history after the Holocaust. Zionists continue to blackmail Europeans because of the Holocaust while the Americans now blackmail the Arabs and the Muslims because of what happened on 11 September 2001.”

The article also quotes the reactions of “man-on-the-street” interviewees from a NY Times survey.  I am left speechless that the Arab academic world is promoting this nonsense and that these views are so prevelant seven years after the attacks.  When ideas are so off-the-wall, it is almost impossible to counteract them.

UPDATE: Yisrael Medad of My Right Word links to the NY Times article and adds that “MiddleEast/Arab mindset is such that logic and rationality play much less a role in political education and wisdom than in other regions.”  Maybe that explains it…

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