Israel and the Beatles

The upcoming Paul McCartney concert in Tel Aviv has been the subject of numerous articles in the Israeli papers.  The NY Times has an interesting take on it.  Ethan Bronner compares the concert with the canceled Beatles concert which was to have taken place in Israel in 1965.  Back then, bureaucratic and political reasons caused the Israeli government to withdraw official permission, claiming the Beatles would corrupt the spirit of Israeli teenagers.

Tickets to that concert were about $7.  Paul McCartney’s concert tickets cost hundreds of shekel and will take place in a huge outdoor theater.  According to Bronner, the story of Israel’s attitude towards the Beatles is also the story of its transformation from a provincial society to a country of the Western world:

Mr. Esteron, the editor [of the newspaper Calcalist], like others, said the change in 40 years from an isolated, egalitarian and agrarian society to a market-driven, plugged-in, high-tech haven of enormous wealth — and some alarming poverty — had been dizzying and somehow oddly embodied by the story of its relationship with the Beatles.

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