Arab States as a Refuge for Jews?

How’s this for irony?  In 1936, the Mufti of Jerusalem (Haj Amin Al-Husseini) told the Peel Commission that the Jews had always fared well under Moslem rule:

It will not be the first time that Jews have lived under the aegis of an Arab state. In the past it has been the Arab states which were the more compassionate to them. History shows that, during all periods, the Jews only found rest under the protection of Arab rulers. The East was always a shelter for Jews escaping from European pressure.

The commission’s response to this preposterous statement was:

We are not questioning the sincerity or the humanity of the Muft’s intentions and those of his colleagues, but we cannot forget what recently happened, despite the treaty provisions and explicit assurances, to the Assyrian minority in Iraq; nor can we forget that the hatred of the Arab politician for the National Home has never been concealed and that it has now premeated the Arab population as a whole.

A few years later, the Mufti joined the European oppression of the Jews by supporting Hitler and the Holocaust.  See What was the Mufti of Jerusalem Doing During the Holocaust?

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2 Comments on “Arab States as a Refuge for Jews?”

  1. Phil Sumpter Says:

    Historically Jews were less persecuted by Muslims than by Christians, I am ashamed to confess.

  2. Hadassah Says:

    There was plenty of Muslim persecution of Jews – the dhimmi laws discriminated against Jews and Christians in Arab lands. And of course, at a later date, throwing them out almost totally from the Arab countries.

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