Yom Kippur War

Thirty-five years ago today, Egypt and Syria attacked Israel on Yom Kippur.  As Israel struggled to gets its soldiers out of the synagogue and into the battlefield, Arab forces began to make inroads into Israel’s territory.  Israel recovered and captured the entire Golan Heights, winning a decisive victory on October 24th.

The day before the attack, Oct. 5, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat sent this directive to his commander-in-chief:



From: The President and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces

To: Marshal Ahmed Ismail Ali, War Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces
1. Pursuant to the politico-military directive issued to you by me on the first day of October 1973, and on the basis of the circumstances of the present political and strategic situation,

I have decided to direct the Armed Forces to accomplish the following strategic missions:

(a) to end the present military deadlock by breaking the cease-fire as from October 6, 1973;

(b) to inflict the greatest possible losses on the enemy, in personnel, arms, and equipment;

(c) to work for the liberation of the occupied land in successive stages in accordance with the growth and development of the potentialities and capabilities of the Armed Forces.

2. These missions shall be accomplished by the Egyptian Armed Forces independently or in cooperation with the Syrian Armed Forces.

Anwar el-Sadat

President of the Republic

9th Ramadan 1393 H.

October 5, 1973

UPDATE: Fascinating article at FrontPageMag about an American intelligence officer who warned that the Egyptians were getting ready to attack a full week before the war broke out, but was basically ignored.  Thanks to the Jewish Internet Defense Force for pointing this out.

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