Christian Zionists Celebrate Sukkot in Israel

Approximately 8,000 Evangelical Christians have come to Israel for the week of Sukkot for a week-long gathering.  This is the biggest tourist event of the year in Israel and the pilgrims are expected to spend $18 million in the country.  The Houston Chronicle reports on this story, with the usual supporters and detractors of Christian Zionism mentioned.

The debate over whether Jews should support Christian Zionism is not new to this blog.  (See my post, More on the Controversy over Christian Zionism.)  The Houston Chronicle does have an interesting quote from Binyamin Elon, chairman of the Christian Allies Caucus, who says, “The bridge between us is the Bible.  We have to be open to the biblical era that prophesizes the people of Israel as a source of inspiration to all the Gentiles.”

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3 Comments on “Christian Zionists Celebrate Sukkot in Israel”

  1. Phil Sumpter Says:

    I like Elon’s quote. Tomorrow I intend to post another quote from the same author as the last one you commented on, where he makes the same statement.

  2. Hadassah Says:

    I have commented some more on Jewish-Christian relations on your post about Church and Synagogue.

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