Encyclopedia of Race and Zionism

Macmillan has published an Encyclopedia of Race and Racism which contains an entry on Zionism.  A Z-Word podcast explains why we should worry about this.

1. The very fact that Zionism appears in an encyclopedia devoted to racism is worrying, especially since the encyclopedia contains no other articles devoted to types of nationalism or even an article on nationalism itself.

2. Additionally, the article perpetuates the myth that Zionsits cooperated with the Nazis in order to further their cause of a Jewish homeland.

3. And finally, the fact that the book is billed as an encyclopedia and published by a reputable publisher, means that the book will be widely available in college libraries.  Students trust the resources in their school libraries, and will not read the entry with a critical eye.

For more information, listen to the podcast.

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2 Comments on “Encyclopedia of Race and Zionism”

  1. shriber Says:

    The following was pointed out by Zkharya at the Engage website:

    Apparently as a Harvard tutor Ignatiev the author of the article on Zionism acted the bully and was let go:

    “Harvard tutorship
    From 1986 until 1992, Ignatiev served as a tutor (academic advisor) for Dunster House at Harvard University. In early 1992, Ignatiev objected to the University’s purchase of a toaster oven for the Dunster House dining hall that would be designated for kosher use only. He insisted that cooking utensils with restricted use should be paid for by private funds. In a letter to the Harvard student newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, Ignatiev wrote that “I regard anti-Semitism, like all forms of religious, ethnic and racial bigotry, as a crime against humanity and whoever calls me an anti-Semite will face a libel suit.”[3]

    Dunster House subsequently declined to renew Ignatiev’s contract, saying that his conduct during the dispute was “unbecoming of a Harvard tutor.” Dunster co-master Hetty Liem said it was the job of a tutor “to foster a sense of community and tolerance and to serve as a role model for the students,” and that Ignatiev had not done so.[4]”


    This is not the first time that antisemites have claimed that they are not antisemitic and have tried to put the Jewish community on the defensive by threatening to sue or accusing them of silencing free speech.

    As the tolerance for antisemitism declines antisemites have developed many and various sophisticated tactics to Jew bait. We need to develop ways of countering such bullying techniques.

  2. Hadassah Says:

    We need to develop ways of countering such bullying techniques.

    Such as?

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