The American Elections and Israel

Donniel Hartman, co-director of the Shalom Hartman Institute, has written an open letter to the new president of the U. S. (before Obama’s victory was announced).  The letter focuses on how the American president can be influential in bringing peace to the Middle East.  An excerpt:

Mr. President, not only is America Israel’s friend, Israel is America’s friend. We trust and respect you and are willing to take significant risks, including ones that endanger the lives of our children, to honor that friendship. We are also, however, a people for whom history is important. The Arab-Israel conflict has a history. Its most significant lesson is not of who is to blame, but rather that simple, quick solutions will always backfire.

Now that the American elections are (finally) over, Israelis and Jews around the world will focus on the Israeli elections scheduled for February 10.  The policies of President Obama in the Middle East will be very much affected by the identity of the new Israeli Prime Minister.  Hartman is probably already planning his next open letter.

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