Reactions to Obama’s Election in the Middle East

Iran, not surprisingly, reacted negatively. Teheran has threatened reprisals against US forces in Iraq if Iranian airspace is violated.

Egyptians complained that America is too friendly with Israel.

Iraq’s foreign minister worried that Obama would not have the same enthusiasm and momentum for the situation in Iraq.

The Saudis declared that all American politicians are supporters of Israel, so nothing was gained by the election of Obama.

Palestinians hope Obama’s election means a two-state solution will come to fruition, while Israel’s foreign minister, Tsipi Livni, says Israel expects to continue its close strategic relationship with the USA.

The spokesman for Pope Benedict, Federico Lombardi, may have covered it all when he said:

“Believers are praying that God will enlighten him and help him in his great responsibility, which is enormous because of the global importance of the United States. We hope Obama can fulfil the expectations and hopes that many have in him.”

These reactions have been compiled from:

Z-Word Blog
BBC News
The Guardian

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