Anti-Semitic Cartoons

The Political Cartoon Gallery in London is hosting an exhibition on anti-Semitic cartoons in the Arab world. The exhibit and accompanying book demonstrate how Arab cartoonists use imagery related to the Holocaust and stereotypical medieval portraits of Jews to express their views on the Arab-Israeli conflict. Some of the worst cartoons come from Egypt, a country officially at peace with Israel.

An article in The Guardian raises the question, how seriously should we take these cartoons? On the one hand, cartoons are by nature exaggerations. On the other hand, cartoons are an excellent way to spread racism and prejudice.

The real question is, how serious are the readers of Arab newspapers taking these cartoons?

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3 Comments on “Anti-Semitic Cartoons”

  1. Phil Sumpter Says:

    Given Muslim to the Danish cartoons, I find this incomprehensible.

  2. Phil Sumpter Says:

    All of it really. I’m not sure any of it is remotely defensible.

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