Gaza Ground Invasion

It’s the ninth day of the Gaza operation (war?).  Yesterday thousands of Israeli troops entered Gaza, killing around 30 Palestinians. Twenty Israeli soldiers were injured, two of them seriously. The IDF has succeeded in dividing Gaza into three parts, for the purpose of preventing Hamas from bringing more weapons into Gaza City.

Thousands of IDF reserve soldiers have been called to duty. Some will enter Gaza and some will take over the regular duties of the soldiers who have been sent into Gaza.

This morning one rocket was fired at Sderot and two at Netivot. Schools in the south remain closed, including Ben Gurion University.

YouTube is full of video clips taped from news stations regarding the war in Gaza. In an interview between a Fox News anchor and Palestinian legal advisor Diana Butu, the anchor basically tells her that she is lying and wrong.  Israel’s Channel Two showed a clip from Al-Jazeera where the anchorwoman attempts to get Gary Grant, an expert in international law, to condemn Israel, but fails miserably. Both of these videos are worth watching and distributing.

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