Israel is Destroying Gaza’s Long-Range Missile Capabilities

Of the 300 rockets fired on Israel’s south in the last week, 73% were launched from areas that have been seized by the army in the last 24 hours.This means that although Hamas still has the capability to launch long-range missiles, the number of missiles fired should be greatly reduced.

The ground operation in Gaza has cost Israel its first casualty, Golani Staff-Sergeant Dvir Emanuelof (22), killed by a mortar shell. 40 IDF soldiers have been wounded. The Israeli army has killed 50 Palestinian terrorists.

Israel has set up an interrogation facility near Gaza in order to get intelligence information from prisoners captured during the ground invasion.  The army is searching for and destroying rocket launching pads and terrorists.

Conventional wisdom in Israel has always been that choosing to live in the West Bank is a gamble and that living in the south or center of Israel is a safe bet. In the last week, this concept has been challenged. Israel International News said it best with this cartoon:

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