Will the Gaza War End Soon?

Reports coming 0ut of Israel claim a ceasefire agreement is closer than ever. According to Amos Gilad, head of the Defense Ministry’s Security-Diplomatic Bureau, Hamas is in bad shape and ready to make a deal. Additionally, Egypt, which is heading the talks, is now supporting Israel against the Hamas.

Palestinians are denying that an agreement is imminent. They say they are not interested in a bilateral ceasefire.

So, will this war end soon or not? If Hamas waits out the attacks, eventually the Israelis will decide they have achieved all the objectives they can realistically achieve, at which point they will withdraw and Hamas will tell its people it has won the war and forced Israel out. This is a much better option for Hamas than having to concede defeat and make concessions to Israel.

The second option will of course mean that more Palestinians are killed and injured and that more property is destroyed. However, in the last few weeks Hamas has not shown great concern for the citizens of Gaza, other than to use them as a PR tool, to get the media on its side.

Israel is clearly not finished in Gaza. It has just sent in reserve troops and continues to strike at Hamas strongholds in Gaza. But since re-occcupation of Gaza is not the goal, Israel will eventually pull out. When Israel’s borders are safe again, the IDF will withdraw from Gaza.

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