Misinformation about Gaza

There is a tremendous amount of misinformation out there about the Gaza situation, especially on the web. But in these days of social media YOU can have an impact by spreading the truth.

A few ways to do this:

1. Facebook – join the group Help Us Win and follow their suggestions.

2. YouTube – subscribe to the IDF spokesperson channel and comment or link to the videos on Facebook, Twitter or your blog.

3. Twitter – there are many Israelis and Israeli organizations following the news in Gaza on Twitter. Follow and retweet. Try these for a start:


4. Blogs – It is important to comment on blogs where misinformation appears. State the facts and provide links to prove your point. And of course, support good blogs by linking to them.

Every war these days is fought on two fronts – on the ground and in the media. While we have no control over the mainstream media, we can at least make ourselves heard in the online media.

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5 Comments on “Misinformation about Gaza”

  1. DK Says:

    http://Www.Twitter.com/ajgaza is al jazeera news channel gaza updates

  2. Maskil Says:

    Hi Hadassah,

    When I click on the link for the “Help Us Win” Facebook Group, I just get taken to my FB home page. Do you have another link that will take me to the group?

    Best wishes,


  3. Hadassah Says:

    I changed the link. It turns out that the group got so big they had to start a second one so the link is to the second group. Thanks for pointing this out.

  4. Zanjabila Says:

    Hadassah, I visited the Facebook group, and was met with this contribution:

    Tsahal forces have the right and the obligation of killing childrens playing in the streets, who knows if once they grow up they won’t become one of those dangerous self killing rocket launcher. We need to eradicate the problem at his origins wich are the future terrorists and to the mum who gave birth to this people of terrorists. All Palestinians are ennemies that is why without caring of their age, birth or opinion we need to kill them all. Once the Palestinian problem will be resolved we will be able to do the same with the Iranian people(BEWARE: Iranian’s children live 3 minutes more than a Palestinian one when it by a phosphorescent bomb.) and then finally with the Lebanon one who as a very strong infantile resistance.
    Children’s of those countries have very harmful bomb such as water’s one so stop saying they are innocent.

    Do you advocate genocide too, Hadassah?

    I assure you, my question is sincere. Please don’t feel defensive. I am sincerely shocked at the depth of hatred. It is hard for me to relate to.

    Perhaps it really is the Jewish rejection of the message of Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon their noble souls). You believe in hate; we believe in love.

    If I am wrong, kindly correct my miscomprehension.

    • Hadassah Says:

      Of course I do not advocate genocide. This paragraph did not appear on the FB page when I linked to it a few months ago. I believe that Hamas declared war on Israel by shooting rockets at its citizens and that unfortunately, as hard as the IDF tries to avoid civilian casualties, this is not always possible in war. If Hamas wants to protect its people it should stop attacking Israel.

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