Victory: The Debate Continues

As mentioned previously on this blog, both Hamas and Israel are declaring victory in Gaza. Martin Kramer of the Adelson Institution of Strategic Studies and the Olin Institute at Harvard writes that Israel has clearly achieved its objectives while Hamas has not:

There is something perverse in the notion that Hamas “won” by merely surviving. Robert Malley has said that “for Hamas, it was about showing that they could stay in place without giving way, and from this point of view it has achieved its main objective.” This was not its “main objective” by any stretch of the imagination. Rashid Khalidi has written that “like Hizbullah in Lebanon in 2006, all [Hamas] has to do in order to proclaim victory is remain standing.” But Hamas had a specific objective—lifting the “siege”—which was altogether different from the objective of Hezbollah. This objective Hamas manifestly failed to achieve. It also failed to achieve the secondary objective it shared with Hezbollah: inflicting Israeli military casualties. It defies logic to declare the mere survival of Hamas to be a triumph, given that Hamas openly declared a much larger objective, and Israel never made the military destruction of Hamas an objective.

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One Comment on “Victory: The Debate Continues”

  1. Harel Levy Says:

    It’s very simple. Israel cannot afford to lose. In addition, the world especially Europe being “angry” with us, is the best sign that we are getting the job done. When we lose, Israel will cease to exist and the world will be quiet. We should declare victory after every war and the (foolish) media should cooperate. The media is causing a lot of damage by declaring (a false)defeat(last war) or doubting a very clear victory. The media should be loyal to Israel and to the truth. It’s important to understand this for our morale(especially the soldiers’), and b/c it’s the truth!

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