A Cab Driver’s Anti-Zionism

Janet Daley describes a discussion she had with a cab driver in England in which he told her that Jews worship a religion called “Zionism” and that the conflict between Muslims and Jews is a war between good and evil. The tone and manner in which the driver said these things makes Daley believe that he was simply repeating what he had been taught by Muslim religious leaders.

Daley argues that political correctness is forcing people to stop talking about religion, which in turns leads to misconceptions. A liberal society should be able to debate religious topics so that a sense of community can be fostered even among those with different views.

Presumably if the Muslim cab driver had been exposed to an open discussion of religious philosophy, he would have had a more liberal viewpoint. On the other hand, it is possible to read and listen to all the viewpoints and still twist them around to fit a specific opinion. Is throwing political correctness out the window the answer, or will it exacerbate the situation?

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