The Excavation at Qumran

Virtually all of Dead Sea Scroll research connects the site of Qumran with the Dead Sea Scrolls which were found in nearby caves. Qumran was excavated by Roland de Vaux in 1951-1956.

The remains of building which were found at Qumran are communal facilities – kitchen, dining room, etc. It is not clear where the living quarters were. Some have suggested that there was a second floor, some have posited that the sectarians lived in tents and others suggest they lived in caves.

A dining room was discovered adjacent to a pantry containing a large number of stacked dishes.

708 bowls were found at Qumran, along with jars, jugs and dishes (also stacked).

For more information and photos of the excavation of Qumran, see Excavation on the COJS website.

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