News Round-up

Over the Purim holiday a number of news stories have broken:

1. A Byzantine Church has been discovered in Nes Harim (near Beth Shemesh). This story has been widely reported, for example at Haaretz.

2. A 12-13 century Persian jug has been discovered in Jerusalem. The jug is inscribed with a Persian love song written in the 11th century. It is not clear how it came to Jerusalem. See the Israel Antiquities Authority press release.

3. The Forward reviews David Myer’s book Between Arab and Jew: the Lost Voice of Simon Rawidowicz. The book focuses on an essay written by Rawidowicz critiquing Zionism which was never published.

4. Magen Broshi reviews Dame Kathleen Kenyon: Digging up the Holy Land, by Miriam C. Davis. Broshi praises the book, which follows Kathleen Kenyon’s work in what was then Palestine, as thoroughly researched and well-written.

5. AJC has posted a video on YouTube entitled “Vilified” which tackles some of the lies told about Israel during the recent Gaza War.

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