The Silent Exodus

Check out this video on the expulsion of Jews from Arab lands. Shortly after the establishment of the State of Israel most of the Arab states expelled their Jews. Today there are almost no Jews left in Arab lands. This expulsion ended a long tradition of persecution of Jews. (More on this topic can be found on the COJS website. See Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands.)

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6 Comments on “The Silent Exodus”

  1. Zanjabila Says:

    This expulsion ended a long tradition of persecution of Jews.

    This is an odd thing to say, Hadassah. It is well known that Jews were persecuted in the Christian lands of Europe, and sought refuge in the Muslim lands, where they received protection and posts in the government.

    Could you kindly explain what persecution you are referring to? Have you researched twentieth century history at any depth?

    Please don’t take offence. I am genuinely curious.

    • Hadassah Says:

      Muslim law includes an idea called “dhimmitude” in which Jews and Christians – people of the Book – are considered inferior to Muslims. The laws of the Muslim lands prohibited Jews from riding horses, building a synagogue which would be taller than a mosque etc. They were made to wear special garments in some places and required to get off their donkeys when a Muslim passed. Eventually they were expelled from Iraq, Egypt, Lybia usually without their possessions.

      See this for instance

  2. A mosque was recently build in Cologne. The planning permission stated explicitly that it was not allowed to be higher than the highest church spire. It could be the same but not higher. They build the mosque higher anyway and because of fear of ‘political correctness’ (especially given Germany’s history) nobody said anything.

  3. Zanjabila Says:

    people of the Book – are considered inferior to Muslims

    Hadassah, I assure you, the People of the book were accorded far greater respect by the Muslims than the Palestinians are by the Jews.

    The Muslim armies did not shoot at Jewish children.

    Are you interested in blindly spreading Zionist propaganda? Or are you interested in cultivating a genuine understanding of Muslims?

    If you wish to become knowledgeable about Islam, then find Muslims, listen to them, read the Quran with an open heart and open mind.

  4. Phil Sumpter Says:

    I finally watched this video. I didn’t realize that the Mufti was so involved with Hitler, that he had actually visited concentration camps.

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