Palestinian Children Play for Holocaust Survivors

The New York Times reports that a group of Palestinian children played a violin concert in a club for Holocaust survivors in Holon, near Tel Aviv. The children are residents of Jenin and do not speak Hebrew or know much about the Holocaust. The members of the club speak only Hebrew and their native European languages and know that Jenin is a place which breeds terrorism. But apparently music transcends all that and succeeded in building a bridge between two worlds for a few hours.

“We are here to play,” Wafaa Younis, 51, the Israeli Arab orchestra director, told the rapt audience. “I do not believe in politicians, only musicians and these children.”

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2 Comments on “Palestinian Children Play for Holocaust Survivors”

  1. israelinoklahoma Says:

    While I have always known that young children, music, and elders can be magical events when they are together.

    I am however, immediately suspect regarding this event, and I see it as a photo opt and media event for the Muslims.

    They have been protesting around the world since Operation Glass Lead shouting God Bless Hitler, and Back To the Ovens.

    And they have been saying that Israel was doing to Gaza what Hitler did to the Jews.

    How dare they?

    So I am very suspicious and believe that this event was put together for a photo opt and press media film archives, for the Muslims to use against the Jewish people at a present and later dates when needed.

    God gave Israel’s Holy Land to the religious descendents of the Biblical children of Israel, and not to the Palestinians. (Fakestinians)

    Before the 6 Day War in 1967 a Muslim living in the Holy Land would have been insulted if you had called them a Palestinian back then, because Jews were called Palestinians back then, and they did NOT want to be called by the same name as a Jew because they hated the Jews.

    But that all changed in the mid 1960’s when they decided to create a Myth about a People that never existed. The Palestinians (Fakestinians)

    Walid Shoebat and ex Muslim Terrorist born in Israel said,”I was a Jordanian Muslim all my life, then one morning I woke up and I was informed that I was now a Palestinian Muslim and no longer Jordanian.

    So they are really Jordanians, Egyptians, Arabs or what ever, they are descendents of Ishmael.

    They are not descendents of Isaac.

    They are Ishmaelites.

    And they are not Philistines either.

    The Philistines are descendents of Noah’s cursed son Ham, and it was through Ham’s son Canaan that the Philistines came.

    And Ishmaelites are descendents from Abrahams other son from Hagar the Egyptian.

    It was through the line of Isaac that God made His Covenant.

    And The Holy Land belongs to Israel.


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