The Advantage of the Underdog

Daniel Pipes writes about research which shows that people are programmed to support the underdog and how this affects support of Israel. When Israel is portrayed as the underdog, a small country in a region full of Arab states, sympathy for Israel is greater. But in recent years, the Palestinians have become the underdog: maps of the Middle East no longer show the whole region; instead they show a large state of Israel occupying the small areas of the West Bank and Gaza. This, according to Pipes, is one of the reasons for the shift of support away from Israel and towards the Palestinians.

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One Comment on “The Advantage of the Underdog”

  1. israelinoklahoma Says:

    The Pay Masters of Muslim OIL Dollars.

    They purchase people and media in large numbers to spread their lies about Israel.

    Muslim OIL Dollars is a lot of money.

    And with a lot of money, you can buy a lot of people.

    They even have blogs on WordPress.

    I do not go with the underdog theory regarding Eretz Yisrael.

    I prefer The David and Goliath scenario where the young psalmist and shepherd David defeats the giant Philistine.

    For it is written, “Not through army and not through strength, but through My Spirit says HaShem, Master of Legions.” Zechariah 4:6

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