The Holocaust and the UN Conference on Racism

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  called for the destruction of Israel yesterday in his speech at the UN conference on racism. He said, “Governments must be encouraged and supported in their fights at eradicating this barbaric racism. Efforts must be made to put an end to Zionism.” Although some representatives left the room in protest, many others stayed and applauded.

An editorial in The Jerusalem Post talks about the connection between Holocaust denial and anti-Zionism, the new anti-Semitism. Since today is Holocaust Remembrance Day Ahmadinejad’s speech is even more galling than usual.

This conference was a farce in the first place and the countries which boycotted it made the right decision. The very idea of letting one of the biggest racists in the world get up to speak about racism is ridiculous. Ahmadinejad said exactly what everyone expected him to say, what the conference organizers were aware he would say. It doesn’t sound as if anything will be gained from this conference and the UN has once again damaged its reputation as a fair-minded neutral body.

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7 Comments on “The Holocaust and the UN Conference on Racism”

  1. shmu Says:

    ” and the UN has once again damaged its reputation as a fair-minded neutral body”


  2. owlminerva Says:

    I think it was completely inappropriate for Ahmadenejad to be giving this speech. All the UN has is its reputation, and this reputation has been severely damaged with this spectacle. Maybe it is a lot of fun to see israel be whipped by A., but too many people depend for their survival on the UN, too many are affected by racism (not in the least those in Iran) to let this clown do his one and only trick and jeoapardize the whole conference. A. is guilty of the same self-centerness as Israel and the US. By not participating, or by giving such an inflammatory speech (we are lucky they made him take out the holocaust denial) they completely disregard the needs of the people this conference was made for.
    I completely disagree with Israel’s actions in the occupied territories. But that doesn’t make me a fan of Ahmadinejad. He actually did an enormous disservice to the palestinian cause. Israeli hard liners couldn’t have wished for a better display and a better reason to aggravate the conflict. I am starting to think A. is zionist’s biggest supporter.
    Ban ki moon should be made to resign over letting this happen. It was not good for anything, except for those that want more conflict, war and bloodshed.

  3. israelinoklahoma Says:

    The United Nations is an arm for the Muslim Mafia backed by The Pay Masters of Muslim OIL Dollars.

  4. Ainav Says:

    I wrote a similarly titled post on my blog, but I decided to focus on a different perspective, i.e. the idea of personal responsibility and how critical it is when discussing the behaviors of the people involved in these types of historical events. Would love to hear what you think 🙂

    Check it out at:

    • Hadassah Says:

      I like your perspective. The Holocaust would never have happened if those involved took responsibility for their own actions. What is particularly scary about the conference on racism is the fact that it is sponsored by the UN. If the UN cannot be counted on to stop virulent anti-Israel hate (not criticism, hate), will there be anybody to count on if push comes to shove?

  5. Ainav Says:

    I have a lot less confidence in the UN than you do, for me it has always been an organization that represented the economic interests of it’s most prominent members and anything beyond that is just a sham. But then, I do tend to be a little jaded :p

  6. Hadassah Says:

    An interesting post on this topic can be found at and is entitled The Three Most Important Points to Understand about the Holocaust.

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