Ritual Bath Discovered Near the Western Wall

A ritual bath, or mikveh, has been uncovered only 20 meters from the Western Wall. This mikveh must have served the many pilgrims who came to Jerusalem and purified themselves before ascending to the Temple Mount.

According to the IAA:

In his book The War of the Jews, Josephus Flavius writes there was a government administrative center that was situated at the foot of the Temple. Among the buildings he points out in this region were the council house and the “Xistus”- the ashlar bureau. According to the Talmud it was in this bureau that the Sanhedrin – the Jewish high court at the time of the Second Temple – would convene. It may be that the superb structure the Israel Antiquities Authority is presently uncovering belonged to one of these two buildings.

This discovery is only the beginning of the excavation of this structure and chances are there are more surprises to come.

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2 Comments on “Ritual Bath Discovered Near the Western Wall”

  1. Charkes Says:

    If the Arabs could only behave themselves.

  2. Israel Says:

    Is this excavation the actual reason for the Arab riots in Jerusalem?

    I think one of their claims is that Jews are digging into their holy places.

    This in itself is funny since the Muslims have built their places of worship on top of Christian ones, that were in turn built upon Jewish ruins.

    Jerusalem had too many conquerors, and they all were disrespectful towards the locals.

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