Hamas Public Relations

The Arab world must have some excellent PR consultants. A new reality show, Sleepless in Gaza and Jerusalem, is being broadcast on YouTube, showing life in Gaza and Jerusalem through the eyes of four women. The episodes show culture and fun and aim to demonstrate that Palestinian Arabs are just normal people like the rest of us.

Of course, this show makes it seem as if Israel is victimizing an ancient beautiful culture. Gaza is shown as a lovely place to visit or live, not as the hotbed of terrorism that it is. In Jerusalem, one of the women shows us “traditional Palestinian treats.” This phrase makes it seem as if there is an ancient Palestinian culture going back thousands of years. Where are the bombs, missiles and terrorists? Apparently they are avoiding the cameras during the filming of this show.

The pro-Palestinian propaganda is subtle enough that the average viewer can easily be taken in. So far there have been thousands of views of the show on YouTube and and over a thousand fans on the show’s Facebook page. This is great PR for the Hamas. It makes one wonder, why isn’t Israel using social media in the same way? Instead of soldiers in camouflage who bemoan the Israeli occupation of Lebanon, why don’t we show the lives of average Israelis? We could call it “Sleeping well in Jerusalem and the Shomron.”

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