What’s Your Opinion on AIPAC?

The AIPAC conference which ended yesterday is a good opportunity to examine the role of the pro-Israel lobby in today’s political atmosphere.

According to Jewish Ideas Daily:

In reality, AIPAC’s leadership includes both supporters and opponents of Israel’s West Bank policies. What the organization embraces is a pro-Israel model  that leaves to Israelis themselves decisions of existential consequence, reached through the consensus of the country’s body politic. AIPAC thus emphatically favors a two-state solution; insists on direct talks between Arabs and Israelis; holds the Palestinians to be the recalcitrant party; and robustly rejects any outside imposition of a “solution.”

This statement raises a number of questions:

1. What does it mean to be pro-Israel?
2. Does AIPAC represent Israel and Zionist Jews?
3. Is the US-Israel relationship helped or hurt by the existence of AIPAC?
4. Is AIPAC good for Israel?

What do you think? I would love to hear your opinions.

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One Comment on “What’s Your Opinion on AIPAC?”

  1. itsyitchy Says:

    Being pro Israel is something that seems to be in the of the eye of the beholder. It cant mean agreeing with a particular Israli administration
    as they may not agree with each other.

    For me, being proIsrael means I want a Jewish state in the Jewish homeland, NOT a binational stae because that would not be a Jewish homeland. It doesnt say what policies i support. {i have to figure THAT out?}

    I dont like AIPAC types because they are to either -or. It seems a lack of creativity. “Israelhas enemies. You are either in the fight or your not.”….and this seems to be taking their position there is an enemy yell at him incessantly!

    I dont like the answeres they give to my questions
    I called a radio talk show and asked wether Gazans cold get their medicin es on a daily basis
    answer “Israel treats Palestinians at their hospitals, thats the answer to that.” That’s not the answer to “that”.. It appears evasive. They are so myopic that they dont realise hpw evasive they seem,and that this makes people think they are hiding something
    They dont understand this, it seems stupid to me.
    It works against their cause, and they don’t even notice. But if you don’t do things their way then you are somehow supporting Israel’s enemies.
    I heard that Gaza’s sewer treatment plant was destroyed in the last “incursion”, that sewage empties into the Mediterranean,an children are splashing in it. I think that if Israel doesnt want to let in materials, then they should go in and build the plant themselves. You cant leave children to play in sewage.
    Does this mean I am pro- Palestinian? No.
    I saw a documentary about two Isreli girlfriends, bout 10 yrs old. The two girls were sitting with the Palestinian father. The Jewish girlasked the father what he would do if his daughterr came to him later on and said she had a crush on soeone. Just, you know, a feeling. The father said it was impossible for it to occur, but i it did , he would kill his daughter.
    You see these images of four year old boys dressed as suicide bombers.
    Put your arm around your tiny child and say
    “Johnny dear, when you grow up,even get to be 16 or so, you can kill yourself. Mommy and Daddy will be so proud!”
    I heard a New Yorker reporter on the radio; e said he had spent a few months in Gaza, and he saw Palestinian TV shows where the little girl host has a co-host who is a bunny. The bunny gets killed by Israeli soldiers. She gets another co-host, a kitten or something and it gets killed by Israelis.
    I suppose we should be glad that the girl gets to be on TV before being killed, but I’d like my child to have a few moments of real childhood
    wdhere he gets to watch Big Bird or something
    made fr children , not some scary depressing thin g
    like soldiers killing the bunny.
    As ar as I can see, this is an enormously self destructive culture with qn undercurrent of evil.
    If I said anything to them I would as k “Who are you and what are you going to be when Israel is off your back? Why dont you take this time of disability to ask yourselves that?”
    To Jews of Israel I have this to say: In a Jeish tradition I’ve heard of ,if you do enough good deeds, the Messiah’s arrival is made easy. So, if your thinking “How can I solve this horrendous, mind boggling impossible problem that no one can figure out. WE ca ‘t be too nice, we have to defend our own” Well, maybe the new sewage treatment plant would not hurt your self defense . Maybe the fishm you eat in Israel once swam in the sewage. So maybe you could do a good deed and build the plant. Don’t think ‘this will help build good will’ maybe it won’t
    Just think”children wont be swimming in sewage, the mediterranean will be cleaner, if itsahared resource some day we’ll be better off, the fish will be betterr. That’s all you know.’I dont want to help those bastards’ Is good for the sea and the fish. And the children already whave to put up with their stupid parents; sparethem the sewage. ‘Why should I have to pay for their plant. You shouldn’t; its a good deed.

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